2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival – Victoria Park Sprints – Sunday

Photos from some of the Sunday sessions of the 2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival held on part of the Clipsal/Adelaide 500 track in Victoria Park.  Drivers compete in sprint events grouped into similar types or classes of cars (brackets).  Each bracket runs once in the morning and once in the afternoon on Saturday and then two sessions on Sunday.  In 2017 there were 17 brackets.  Each bracket of cars has about 10mins out on the track in a session.  During this session the drivers attempt to get their fastest lap.  Some categories such as the 5 Litre Touring Cars have 15mins.  Interspersed between competitive brackets are demonstrations, such as Historic Motorcycles, signature drivers such as Troy Bayliss, special show Ferraris and drifting by Jake ‘Squid’ Jones.

The event is renown for showcasing many signature cars including Formula 1 cars that once raced in Adelaide as well as rare and special show or museum cars such as the Ferrari F40 and FXX for the 2017 event.  The signature cars first make an appearance on Friday driven down Wakefield Street and Grote Street in the CBD of Adelaide in front of spectators lining the streets in special road closed conditions before being parked in Gouger Street.  Gouger Street is the site of the traditional street party held in conjunction with the entrants of the Adelaide Rally (Classic Adelaide Rally in previous years) that allows the public to get up, close and personal with the cars and their drivers.

Below are each bracket seen from Sunday’s action.


9:40 Supercar Sprint


9:50 Porsche thru the Ages


10:00 4WD Turbo


10:10 Historic Sports Sedans


10:20 Ferrari


10:30 5Litre Touring Cars


11:05 Sports Cars


11:15 Formula Libre


11:35 Formula 1 Star Cars


11:50 Heritage Touring Cars


12:15 Rally Legends demo


13:15 Ferrari Spettacolo demo


14:15 Supercars