10/02/2018 AJIHL Adelaide Generals v Perth Sharks 3-1

Selected photos from the AJIHL game between the Adelaide Generals and the Perth Sharks played at the Ice Arena, Adelaide on 10/02/2018.  The reigning AJIHL champions would host the Perth Sharks for 3 games this weekend for their first home games.  Aaron Grubb would have to sit it out, having earnt a game suspension.  Gun goalie Jeremy Friederich would be between the pipes for the Generals with his counterpart being Stephen McCann in goals for the Sharks.

The Generals started strong and even with Ted Fabijan being called for interference 4mins into the period were able survive the shorthanded time.  The Sharks outfit didn’t give an inch to last year’s champions until a bit less than 4mins left in the period the Generals would score first blood igniting the vocal home crowd.  The goal would be scored by Brad Chenoweth ably assisted by Kyle Clarke and Dylan Pope (wearing the No 91 jersey for the night).  The game tightened up and neither team was able to score for the remainder of the period.

In the second period both teams played good strong aggressive hockey with neither team able to find the back of the net as both goal tenders made good stops.  Two penalties to the Sharks (too many players on the ice, and a 2min hooking penalty to Liam Campbell) did not result in powerplay goals to the Generals as the Sharks stood firm.

The 3rd period can often result in goals being scored as the bodies get more tired and the play can open up.  This was no exception with the aggression and tenacity shown by both teams.  General’s Jordan Geyer would score the first of the period at 14:21 singlehanded to take the Generals to a 2-0 lead.  Shortly afterwards the Sharks would be called for too many players on the ice for the second time.  Just under 5mins into the period Zac Boyle would extend the lead for the Generals to 3-0.  Chenoweth would be called for hooking at 8:47 sending the Sharks to a powerplay position but they were unable to capitalise and it wasn’t until just under 6mins to play the Sharks would cut the deficit to 3-1 and that would be the final score for the game with the Generals opening their home game account.