22/02/2018 Local League C Grade Semi Final – Knights v Blades 0-4

Selected photos from the 300+ available from the Local League C grade Semi Final between the Knights (minor round premiers) and the Blades fresh off a convincing Elimination Final win the weekend before where they toppled the Generals.  The Knights were expected to be the favourite going into this best of 3 final series, but something went wrong with the game plan as the Blades would strike first with 9mins 30secs to go in the first period.  They would score again shortly afterwards to send a clear message of their intent to not be intimidated by the minor round premiers  The Blades would stick the knife in scoring their 3rd goal with 47secs to play in the 2nd period.  The Knights could simply not find a way past the Blades goaltender who has been the standby goalie for the Adelaide Adrenaline/Rush women’s team that plays in the AWIHL.  But the Blades weren’t done yet and they would add a 4th goal with over 12mins to play in the game.  Plenty of time for the Knights to restore some lost pride.  However it wasn’t to come and the 4-0 scoreline to the Blades would remain.  Plenty of Soul searching required by the Knights, but with 2 more games to play anything could happen!