03/05/2018 Local Premier League – Redwings v Blackhawks 8-5

Photos from the Adelaide Premier League game between the Blackhawks and the Redwings.  The Blackhawks boasted a few ex-Adrenaline players (but not Greg Oddy for this game) and the experience showed as the ‘Hawks ran out to a 5-2 lead…..but then it all came crashing down as Referee Glen Foll found a use for his whistle and time and time again ‘Hawks players were sent to the sin bin.  The Redwings used the man advantage or in some cases 5-on-3 advantage and made inroads into the ‘Hawks lead and then drew level.  The ‘Hawks struggled and began running out of legs as the Redwings showed why they have been then team to beat in recent years, helped along by star player Tyler Leeming, who will see some time playing for the Adelaide Adreanline this year.  Redwings continued on to 8-5 win.