03/06/2018 AIHL Allstars Game – Team Rezek v Team Boyle 13-8

Photos from the AIHL Allstars game between Team Rezek (black) and Team Boyle (white) played on 03/06/2018 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  The teams combine local talent and some of the best interstate ice hockey players for a fun and competitive environment where for once the players aren’t trying to check each other into the boards as would be the case if they were playing for the clubs.  This game saw the return of local heroes, recently retired, Greg Oddy, David Huxley and Josh Harding albeit not all playing on the same team.  As is the often the case with these exhibition games the scoreline is high.   The win went to Team Rezek 13 to Team Boyle 8, after the Rezek piled on many goals in the last period.  MVP was Ellesse Carini playing for Team Rezek.