24/06/2018 AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline v Sydney Bears 3-2OT

Photos from the AIHL game between the Adelaide Adrenaline and the Sydney Bears played at the Ice Arena in Adelaide, South Australia on 24/06/2018.  The 2-6 loss the night before must have hurt the Adrenaline who would need something special to climb back from that disappointing loss and retrieve something from a disappointing season.  What hurt more though was for the Bears as their management had made an error on the roster sheet and accidently left off key import player Ryan Lough for the game.  Lough had been a key playmaker the night before and would need to sit frustratingly on the sidelines and hope his team could repeat their efforts from the Saturday.  While not present at the rink in the first quarter those attending the State Inline U10 training next door in Stadium 19 heard the huge roar of the Adrenaline home crowd in the 1st period signaled something good was happening.  The Bears would see Jeremy Vasquez get a tripping minor at 8:24 putting the Adrenaline into powerplay mode.  Up to this stage the Adrenaline were holding the Bears at bay and with 9:34 on the clock Ales Kratoska put the home crowd into a frenzy to have the Adrenaline up early in the game.  The assists were from Caleb Apperson and Josef Rezek.  The Adrenaline would take this tough stance to the end of the period as both teams recorded 10 shots on goal.  With one sec on the clock Bears Tyerell Clare would head for the sin bin for charging to have the Adrenaline start the next period on a powerplay.

The Adrenaline continued on where they had left off not allowing the Bears get back but could not take advantage of the powerplay.  Penalties would be plentiful in the period with Rezek being called for tripping at 12:44, Bears Michael Schlamp for unsportsmanlike conduct at 11:37, and again for slashing at 6:39 and Adrenaline’s Alex Adams for hooking at 1:22 left in the period.  With this last penalty the Bears had the powerplay and saw an opening into this tight game.  Bears captain Michael Schlamp would get one past Adrenaline goaltender Seabastian Andersson, assisted by Grame Strukoff and Charles Adams.  Going into the period break the Bears had had 13 shots on goal and the Adrenaline 12 as the score was tied at 1-1.

The Adrenaline would need to dig deep to stay with the Bears if the Bears would repeat their dominant 3rd period play as they had done the game before.  With the 20min period underway it took 4 and half minutes before a goal was added, and it was the Bears that scored the go-ahead goal through Jeremy Brucker, assisted by Thomas Steven and Schlamp.  The Adrenaline were definitely a different unit tonight as they found something extra when Rezek would score a captain’s goal to tie the score again at 2 a piece at the 14:54 mark.  The period continued on with neither team finding a way past the opposing team’s defences, even with penalties to the Bears Strukoff for holding at 9:27 and Adrenaline’s Alex Adams for tripping at 7:45.  The period wound down and as the final horn sounded the players from both teams seemed spent as they rested after this hard fought encounter.  In the shootout, both teams had a player score and then Adrenaline’s sharpshooter Ales Kratoska had a rare miss and so it was up to captain Rezek to pull a rabbit out of the hat which he did to get the Adrenaline 3-2 win they thoroughly deserved.  the only setback the Adrenaline was when hard-working Zach Boyle playing down low would cop a full blooded puck to the mouth from Bears Schlamp and as he went down in a heap copped another to the body as Schlamp had another shot at goal.  Luckily it was stitches to the lip and not lost teeth!