28/06/2018 Novice Ice Hockey – Red Rangers v Golden Knights 7-9

Photos from the Novice Ice Hockey game between Red Rangers and Golden Knights played at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia on Thursday 28/06/2018.  The Red Rangers decided to switch coaches putting Stu Henly in charge on the bench and Melissa Westgate on the ice as the roving general coach for both teams.

Last week’s game had seen the inclusion of a new female player straight from Ice Blast into the Golden Knights team and any sign of first game jitters were quickly dispensed with.  This game now saw 3 new players (all female) from the recent Ice Blast program.  All 3 new players adapted well to game play and fit in well.  Also, some other quieter players had suddenly found some confidence and got amongst it more, putting recent skills learned at training into place, notably No. 1 Jordan for the Golden Knights (who was suffering from a cold, but played better than ever 😉 who was also using his strength to win faceoffs and putting the puck up into the slot for his team.  The Red Rangers had made a major change by putting Callum back into the goals and letting Riley Knapp run amok as a forward on the ice. Riley showed he was just as adept in the pipes as well as a forward, especially in the dying minutes of the game as he tried to steer the Rangers to victory along with ‘Canadian Jack’ who managed 2 wraparound goals in the game and goals through traffic (screen) from a long way out.  Canadian Jack had suffered some stiff competition from the Knights’ Hudson on more than one occasion as he chased down Jack to thwart his attempts at would have been one-on-one shots at goal.  The Knights had Big Brodie back in net after a once-off from Wade doing goal tender duties last week.  Knights’ Ilya as always, would be trying to win the game single-handedly for his team as no-one else on the team could get down there with him as fast and he kept them in the game and with their noses in front.  Tram mate Mickey chimed in for a goal.  Rangers’ Poppy had been unlucky to have 2 shots just miss.  The intensity of the kids cranked up substantially in the last period and you have to realise these kids are only 10 and under!  An entertaining game saw the Golden Knights edge out the Red Rangers 9-7.