03/02/2019 AJIHL Adelaide Generals v Perth Sharks 3-2

Some of the photos available from the AJIHL game between the Adelaide Generals and the Perth Sharks played on the Sunday morning at the Ice Arena, Adelaide on 03/02/2019.  After the convincing 4-0 win the night before to the Generals they were considered to be red hot favourites for game 2, however the Sharks had other ideas.  The Sharks would open the scoring early in the 1st period at 14:29 through Buster Thomas-Bland assisted by Oscar Zhu.  This euphoria was shortlived as the Generals immediately evened the score within seconds with Byron Schuma scoring, assisted by Jake Hazel and Ambrose Foster.  The Generals would get the go-ahead goal at 5:41 remaining on the clock when Nathaniel Benson would slot one past the Sharks goalie.  The assistant coming from Hazel again.  The Sharks didn’t take this lying down and mounted an attack to be rewarded at 3:00 when Kalin Njirich evened the score again, assisted by Sean McClean.  The 2nd period saw the Sharks take the lead in this very entertaining game between last year’s grand finalists.  Zhu would get his second for the game with Thomas-Bland and Harry Tanner scoring the assists.  It would be some time before the offence of the Generals would find a way past the Sharks tight defence but at 6:42 the score was once again tied at 3-3.  Benson scored his second ably assisted by Schuma.  The score remaining until the end of the period.  In fact it would remain that way for most of the last period as neither team gave an inch.  The Generals mounted a charge at the net and with many players in close around the Sharks goalie, Brad Chenoweth would find a gap and slotted it in (possibly off the foot) to put the Generals up with only 1:46 remaining in the game.  Benson and Schuma would add to the points tallies with the assists.  Final score Generals 3, Sharks 2.  Shots on goal were Generals 29 for 4, Sharks 30 for 3.  Penalties were Generals 4, Sharks 5.  Sunday afternoon’s game would see the Generals score as hard fought 4-2 win.