2019 Only Atoms Newcastle Tournament

Selected photos (from a few thousand available) from the SA Kangaroos games in the 2019 Only Atoms Newcastle Tournament played between 12-14 July 2019 at the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium in Warners Bay, Newcastle.  For the Atoms classification the SA Kangaroos fielded a team of primarily 10 years and under players as well as well as a few 11 year olds from the Pee Wees.  The eastern states have a slightly different age group classification which meant several of these teams had many more players in the older group which would be a challenge for the fledgling SA Kangaroos team.  Also several SA based players joined the Western Australian contingent for a combined WA-SA Thunderbolts team.  Twelve teams were entered in the tournament this year: Kangaroos (SA); Thunderbolts (WA-SA); Macquarie Bears, Norwest Emperors, Liverpool Saints, Ice Zoo Wolves, Canterbury Eagles (all from Sydney rinks, NSW); Victoria; Newcastle Northstars (NSW); Canberra Phoenix (ACT); Brisbane Buccaneers, Southern Stars (Qld).  All teams played each team once before the top 4 faced off for semi finals and the Gold, Silver and Bronze finals.  When a team was 5 goals clear of their opponent the scoreboard would remain fixed unless the losing team reduced the 5 goal margin (as a mercy rule).

The SA Kangaroos were under no illusions this would be a difficult competition.  After watching a few earlier games the thought was the most difficult teams might be the strong Northstars, Eagles (last year’s winners), Bears and Thunderbolts teams.  As a team bonding exercise the players went for a walk on the former Adamstown-Lake Macquarie railway line and railway tunnel before moving onward to Merewether Beach and yes many ventured into the water after the team Coach Jeff Fode started proceedings by venturing in first (crazy!).


GAME 1 – SA Kangaroos vs Norwest Emperors (0-2 loss).  A good showing by the Kangaroos as the Emperors proved to be one of the form teams and ended up equal top at the end of the minor round.


GAME 2 – SA Kangaroos vs Canberra Phoenix (5-1 win).  A good win in which the Kangaroos dominated most of the play.


GAME 3 – SA Kangaroos vs Liverpool Saints (3-4 loss).  A tough loss against a tough opposition that finished 3rd last year.


GAME 4 – SA Kangaroos vs Victoria (1-2 loss).  This one hurt as SA Kangaroos players on the ice claimed a goal wasn’t counted mid game which could have changed the game.


GAME 5 – SA Kangaroos vs Brisbane Buccaneers (3-0 win).  A good morale boosting win for the Kangaroos who shook off the heartbreaking loss the game before.


GAME 6 – SA Kangaroos vs Newcastle Northstars (1-5 loss)   Coming up against the home team on big ice, the Kangaroos would always find it a tough ask and the Northstars dominated the game.


GAME 7 – SA Kangaroos vs Macquarie Bears (0-5 loss) – A dominating performance by the eventual winners of the 2019 Only Atoms Newcastle tournament


GAME 8 – SA Kangaroos vs Ice Zoo Wolves (5-0 win) – Refreshed after a sleep, the SA Kangaroos faced the new kids on the block the Ice Zoo Wolves at the ungodly hour of 6:52am!  The Kangaroos took no prisoners and used the game to regain some lost confidence after the Bears mauling of the Kangaroos.


GAME 9 – SA Kangaroos vs Canterbury Eagles (0-5 loss) – Last year’s winners intended to regain the cup, even if that meant a rough standard of play against any newcomers.  The Kangaroos stood up to the onslaught but struggled against this seasoned and older outfit.  Their prominent player (a girl we think) cost us on the scoreboard and ended up in the sin bin more than once….like the young Oddy boys used to!


GAME 10 – SA Kangaroos vs Brisbane Southern Stars (3-0 win)


GAME 11 – SA Kangaroos vs WASA Thunderbolts (0-2 loss).  The game the Kangaroos were looking forward to as the Thunderbolts contained 3 SA players including their goal Zac Murfin as well as 3 players that were part of their 2019 Singapore Ice Dragons Tournament SA Kangaroos team.