22/09/2019 Atoms Ice Hockey Grand Final – Blue Snipers 7 v Rampaging Reds 6

Photos of the last period of the Grand Final game between the Atoms ice hockey teams, the Blue Snipers and the Rampaging Reds played at the Ice Arena in Adelaide, South Australia.  Riley Knapp was in goals for the Reds, and Callum Shea for the Snipers.  Coaching the Reds was Adrian von Einem and for the Snipers, Stu Henly.  The game was using the full ice today rather than the normal 2/3 when the Novice players used the remaining 1/3.

Early in the game the teams were pretty even with both teams matching each other at 2-2, before the Snipers edged ahead with the Rampaging doing all the chasing.  Towards the end of the second period the Reds found themselves 2 goals down with the score at 2-4 (well it was when I turned up after photographing rally cars earlier in the morning!).  Another goal deep into the period saw the Snipers looking home and hosed at 5-2.  BUT….those who remember a particular game earlier in the season know the Red’s determination can see them claw their way back in if they stuck to the coach’s game plan.

This is exactly what happened.  A couple of quick goals to the Rampaging Reds and it was definitely going to be an entertaining last period.  The Reds lived up to their name and went on a rampage, first leveling the score at 5-5 when Mickey Nottle scored through a screen before taking the lead after a skilful goal from Ilya Truuse.  The game was looking like a boilover, but the Snipers had other ideas and shortly afterwards took the game to a tie at 6-all.  The game was looking like a shootout to decide the outcome when the clock showed less than a minute left.  However the Snipers Jack Fode came in from the left side found a screen and fired….and scored past goaltender Riley Knapp with about 40secs left on the clock.  After celebrating their goal their was little time left for the Reds to mount one last challenge and the last forward drive was cut off with 12secs left deep in the zone.  The clock wound down and the Snipers came away with the win in a fantastic grand final.