16/01/2020 Adelaide Summer League – Div 2 Blades v Storm 2-7

Some photos from the Adelaide Summer League Division 2 game between 3rd placed Blades and top placed team Storm.  Normally playing for the Storm I had to sit this one with a hip injury so it game me an opportunity to take photos of my team mates.  After a sluggish sort for the Storm getting used to a change in the lines and the Blades without Greg Campbell the game was very even.  Dominika Kapka opened the scoring for the Storm with her first goal for the year with only a bit over 2 mins left in the first period.  Bryan Schiller getting the assist.

The second period was scoreless for both teams such was the tightness of the game and goalies able to stop all challenges.

Now, the 3rd period was a blinder.  The Storm would score first from Josh Sage with a bit over 14 mins remaining, but the Blades struck back almost immediately through Morris Wang to still trail by only one goal.  Then Josh would score again a few mins later to give the Storm a 2 goal buffer.   Storm’s Myles West added another, assisted by Crystal Wilson and the Storm was starting to hit the sweet spot that had been lacking in their previous encounters with the Blades.  The Blades however weren’t done quite yet and scored their 2nd goal from Ryan Hoy a short time later.  This challenge was short-lived as the Storm took no prisoners and piled on 3 more goals (6 in the period!) with Captain Mitchell Geraghty, Myles West and Crystal Wilson scoring.  Player of the match for the Storm was new player Alarice Jurgens back after a few weeks off, playing well in position on the wing and getting close to scoring 2 goals.