12/05/2021 Premier League Blackhawks v Falcons

More Wednesday night ice hockey action from the Ice Arena, Adelaide, this time the late game between Premier League Blackhawks and Falcons.  In goals for the Blackhawks was Colin McWhorter and for the Falcons, Matus Trnka.  This was expected to be a relatively close game with both teams sitting lower down on the ladder.  Two and a half minutes into the game, Falcons Kyle Sinko put his team on the scoreboard after receiving an assist from veteran Corey Smith.  The Blackhawks tied the game soon after at 15:19 when Tyson Boyd got one past Trnka.  The assist came from Dan Ricciardi.  The Falcons weren’t satisfied with that so less than a minute later Corey Smith scored after assists from son Conor Smith and Trnka, the goaltender.  The goal affected McWhorter’s confidence and the Blackhawks defence weren’t able to stop a barrage of Falcons goals as first Kyle Sinko added his 2nd goal for the night from a Damon Hoad assist at 6:51, followed by a Connor Smith goal at 3:11 (assist from Josh Holland) as a result of a tripping penalty to Blackhawks Kyle Collier.  And then to add salt in the wounds, Hoad would score from a Kyle Sinko assist with less than half a minute remaining to put the Falcons in a commanding 5-1 lead.

The Blackhawks had to keep McWhorter in between the pipes as there was no alternate goaltender present to use.  The 2nd period was much much tighter as the Blackhawks got their mojo back and stopped the flow of goals from the rampaging Falcons.  They weren’t able to capitalise on a late hit penalty to Falcons Jack Sinko at 8:44 however.  Instead the Falcons would add their 6th goal at 2:11 remaining when Quenton Tombleson scored.  The assists came from Kyle Sinko (a 4 point haul for the night) and Holland.  At one point when Tombleson circled around and lined up to take a massive slapshot it had Blackhawks Mike Gainer and Ricciardi frantically getting out of the way, but it missed the goals by a fair margin, and missed hitting any players.

The goals didn’t stop for the Falcons as half a minute into the 3rd period Tombleson slotted one home, unassisted.  But that’s where the goal fest stopped.  A frustrating Too-many-players penalty to the Blackhawks at 7:23 went unanswered, so the final score was a lop-sided 7-1 win to the Falcons.  Shots face by the goaltenders was: Falcons Trnka (who took a solid big hit from the puck to the helmet at one time) faced 33 shots, Blackhawks McWhorter 36 shots.