2/10/2021 Premier League Grand Final game 2 – Redwings v Jokers 2-5

Photos from the Premier League Grand Final game 2 between the Redwings and the Jokers played on 02/10/2021 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  A major change to the line-ups was the exclusion of Dave Gal from the Redwings, who they would sorely miss in the goal scoring department and Nick Pedder.  Missing for the Jokers was Lachlan Jennings.  The favourites going into the game would no doubt be last year’s winners, the Jokers, but everyone likes an underdog such as the Redwings.  It took the Jokers 5mins into the 1st period to put a goal on the scoreboard.  Goal scorer was Daniel Chen, who has been a revelation this year undaunted by playing in the Premier League.  He joined his brother Andrew in the Jokers.  The assist came from Jake Riley.  The Redwings would get their chance with 8:30 remaining in the period with the player advantage as Jokers captain Jordan Geyer headed to the bench for a cross checking minor.  However, they were unable to score.  The Redwings would then find themselves in penalty trouble as Adam Wise got deemed for holding with 3:46 remaining.  The Redwings penalty kill unit were up to the task and saw off the penalty, but then they were called upon again with a mere 13 secs left in the period when Nicola Pau was done for tripping.  This time the Jokers made use of the powerplay and scored only 10secs later with the clock showing 3secs left in the period.  Nathaniel Benson scored the goal, unassisted.

The second period was a rather tight tussle as the Redwings matched everything the Jokers could do.  Even a minor for elbowing to Mitch Villani was seen off.  However the Jokers repeated the 1st period effort and scored in the dying seconds of the period to go into the next period with the momentum.  Third goal was scored by veteran Sami Mantere after an assist from Noah Maley.  The Redwings weren’t happy and captain Steve Best and Ben Handberg had a tussle resulting in both heading to the bench for roughing.

With the period started with even numbers after the long break due to resurfacing, it was the Redwings that drew first blood and got themselves onto the scoreboard with Nicola Pau being rewarded for his hard work driving forward time and time again.  The assist came from Mitch Villani.  The Jokers gave the Redwings a chance again with Geyer falling foul of the referees after a roughing minor but the Redwings weren’t able to get back into the game as the Jokers penalty kill unit saw off the 2mins.  Then with 12:25 left in the game the Jokers stamped their authority on the game with Nathaniel Benson scoring truly after an assist from Mantere.  This was going to be a big ask for the Redwings to come back from 1-4.  A slashing minor to Wise at 8:35 didn’t do them any favours but the defence stood firm.  The Jokers hadn’t quite finished and with just over 5mins remaining in the game they killed off any chance of a comeback from the Redwings with their 5th goal of the game.  Geyer scored a captain’s goal after assists from Maley and Marko Komazek.  Jokers Cameron Pope slashing was not well received by Redwings Steve Best and they both received roughing minors.  With the game and series winding down to the obvious Jokers win, the Redwings had one last gasp left and scored the second goal with 2secs left in the game in front of a crowded goal crease.  Goal scorer was Mitch Villani with assists coming from Bill Newbound and Tyler Leeming.  So an entertaining Premier League season came to a close with the Jokers beating the Redwings (5-2) and  2 games to 0 in the best of 3 grand final series.  Shots on goal for the goaltenders was: Redwings Curtis Villani facing 34 shots to Jokers Jeremy Friederich facing 32 shots.