2021 Shannons Adelaide Rally – Friday

Some of the photos from Day 2 (Friday) of the 2021 Shannons Adelaide Rally.  The rally is a 4 day event run in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.  The rally comprises competition classes (Competition, Challenge), Spirit class and touring categories.  Within those competition categories are subcategories of Modern and Classic.  This year’s event introduced some new stages as well as revisiting ones ran many years ago (in Classic Adelaide Rally days).  Friday is the first day that the Touring category cars hit the stages (apart from first 3 stages for the Prima Tour cars on Thursday).

In Modern Competition class Maguire/Brakey in the Dodge Viper ACR dominated again on Friday, winning all but one stage.  That stage was one by Morton/Nicoli in the Porsche GT2 RS but it was only by 0.1 sec.  Third place at the end of the day was Kennard/Wheeler in a Nissan GTR R35, but they were now 2mins behind the leaders.  Fourth place was held by Ben Calder/Steve Glenney int he Audi TT RS+ with their best run of the day on SS12.  In Classic Competition, Jack Monkhouse and Chloe Bojko continued to dominated over Andrew Booker and Neil Branum (Nissan Skyline DR30) who just couldn’t make any inroads on his lead.  Third place was held by with Thomas Dermody and Ryan Preston (Ford Escort RS 1600) about 40 seconds behind.

Modern Challenge was close with the top three separated by less than a minute.  In Classic Challenge, with Bill Lakstins and Anthony Wood (BMW E30) had a good day and managed to beat Dean Cook and Simon Richards (Ford Escort Mk 1) for second place at the end of the day.  William Coulter and Andrew Colliver (Toyota Sprinter AE86) retained their first place.

First stage of the day was a run up Hayward Drive on the outskirts of Adelaide.  The cars start in the suburb of Beaumont and negotiate a couple of 15kph hairpin corners on their way up to Mt Osmond ending with a panorama of the City of Adelaide on this short stage.

The second stage covered here needed to be converted into a transport stage with the cars having to travel at 60kph or less.  It was suspected that a Adelaide Hills Council councillor that hates motorsport that lives on the stage was the cause.

SS10 Beaumont

SS13 Knotts Hill 2

SS16 Norton Summit