12/12/2021 Junior A Summer League ice hockey

Some of the photos from the Junior A Summer League ice hockey played on 12/12/2021 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  With the Ice Arena hosting some other Xmas festivities the games were all shortened to one period games!  No less excitement, in fact more intense games is what resulted.

First up was Pirates and Hornets which went right down to the wire with the score at 2-2, when Yongen Song of the Hornets sent one home in the dying seconds of the game to take the win 3-2.

Second game saw the Hornets take a breather while the Destroyers play their first game, against the Pirates.  The Destroyers meant business and combined well together and took the win 3-1.

The last game saw the Hornets back again to take on the successful Destroyers from the previous game.  With both teams having won a game it was going to be intense for bragging rights for the Sunday’s games with both teams able to win 2 games.  It certainly turned out to be one of the best Junior A games seen (albeit sooooo short).  Both teams didn’t give an inch (or 2.54cm), matching each other goal for goal.  Late in the game the Destroyers drew and the score remained at 3-3, a fitting end for these players that gave their all.