11/09/2022 Pee Wee Division 1 Grand Final game 2 – Jets v Huskies 6-3

Some of the photos from the Pee Wee Division 1 Ice Hockey Grand Final game 2 between the Jets and the Huskies played on 11/09/2022 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  In this must win game, the Jets needed to win to push the series to game 3, whereas the Huskies needed to find the same form they had in the last game to take out the 2022 championship.  It would be the Jets that found something special, and in the latter part of the game ran away with the game to win 6-3.  The Huskies would need to regroup and find a way to shit down the play makers and help out their goalie Sophie Wandel.