15/10/2022 Blackwood Junior Inline Hockey 3-on-3 Tournament

With the regular junior winter inline hockey season finished it would be a while before the summer season begins and with the school holidays just about to finish the kids might be looking for something to do.  So Blackwood Inline Hockey Club put together a 3-on-3 tournament at the end of the South Australian school holidays.  Four teams (Beasts, Bears, Tornados and Wildhogs) with 4 players on each team were put together, and two available experienced goaltenders alternated for the 4 teams.  Twelve games of 8 minutes each comprised the minor rounds, before 3rd and 4th played off in one final for 5 minutes, and then the Grand Final with 1 v 2 playing off in a 5 minute game.  In the Finals, the Bears narrowly edged out the Tornados for 3rd 1-0, and then the Beasts and the Wildhogs ended up at 1-1 at the end of the 5 minutes so the game had to be decided on shootout.  Wildhogs won this very enjoyable and successful cobbled together tournament.  Many thanks to Polly and Stoyan for making it happen.

Round 1 – Bears v Tornados 1-1

Round 2 – Wildhogs v Beasts 0-2

Round 3 – Beasts v Bears 1-0

Round 4 – Tornados v Wildhogs 0-1

Round 5 – Beasts v Tornados 1-1

Round 6 – Bears v Wildhogs 0-1

Round 7 – Tornados v Bears 3-2

Round 8 – Beasts v Wildhogs 0-1

Round 9 – Bears v Beasts 2-1

Round 10 – Wildhogs v Tornados 1-0

Round 11 – Tornados v Beasts 1-1

Round 12 – Wildhogs v Bears 3-0

Final 3v4 – Bears v Tornados 1-0

Final 1v2 Beasts v Wildhogs 3-4OT