2022 Willunga Hillclimb

The Willunga Hillclimb (sponsored by Amplauto) was run on 11/12/2022 on the old Willunga Hill Road adjacent the historic town of Willunga, south of Adelaide, South Australia.  Over 100 cars contested this event with the cars broken up in categories based on car types (stock, modified, engine size), first-time drivers, seasoned hillclimbers, Time Attack cars and other specialist ”trailer cars”.  Sean Day had brought his competition Subaru WRX 22B and son Dan was in the 1000hp Subaru WRX as the favourite again, that had seen a bad accident on a previous hillclimb outing to Willunga.  The road surface was wet early in the day and there was an ominous trail of oil, at least 2/3 of the way up the hill to catch drivers out.  Kangaroos could also pose a problem, judging by a relatively fresh, headless carcass 2/3 of the way up the hill.

Drivers would have a familiarisation (practice) run first before starting the 6 competition runs (but run 1 was excluded from the total).  Times would tumble as the road surface dried and drivers got more confident.  Fastest for the day, setting a new record, was Dan Day with 1:17:31, after having set a 1:17:65 two runs before.  No-one else would break the 1min 20sec barrier!  Douglas Johnson in a heavy modified Subaru WRX (No. 129) was second fastest, 8.49secs behind on the accrued 5 run total, followed by Nick Strickeisen in the solitary Nissan GTR R35, 29.59secs back.

1st and 2nd runs

3rd run