2017 Lightforce Rally SA – Rally of the Heartland

Some of the photos available from the Lightforce Rally SA – Rally of the Heartland run around the Burra, Hallett and Waterloo areas of the Mid North.  The event was a 2-day rally for Classic entrants and Saturday only for SARC entrants.  The event included a monster 78km stage simply known as Long Stage that headed eastwards of Mount Bryan before a long loop back in the direction of the start.  The stage was so long that some of the Classic entrants were hauled in by the fastest SARC entrants.  The rally also took in the Wind Farms of Mount Cone near Mount Bryan township and Waterloo to the south of Burra.  Other stages included one ‘Into the East’ starting near Worlds End Creek, Pale and Steep located east of Mount Bryan township, and a short blast through the Burra Mines area adjacent Burra township.  Long Stage was also run at night on Saturday. The event was a blind rally, that is no prior knowledge of the stages and therefore no idea of recommended speeds for corners. The Drivers were issued road books at the start of the rally with a few cautions marked in.  The event was also characterised by very cold starts of -1 and 0 degrees.



SS1 Long Stage (Classic and SARC)


SS2 Turbine Row (Classic and SARC)


SS5 Johnny Green (Classic and SARC)


SS7 Waterloo Wind Farm (Classic)


SS9 Long Stage Reversed (Classic)