01/04/2017 AJIHL Semi Final – Adelaide Generals v Sydney Sabres


Photos from the first semi final of the Australian Junior Ice Hockey League (AJIHL) played at the Ice Arena in Adelaide, South Australia. Eight teams contested the expanded AJIHL league season. Seven games were played at the Ice Arena starting on Thursday before the finals on Saturday afternoon. After finishing on top in the minor round, the Adelaide Generals earnt the right to play the 4th placed Sydney Sabres. Both teams have black jerseys which would confuse the officials. The Generals diplomatically opted to wear the South Australian State red ‘Croweater’ jerseys. The first period was a tight affair with neither team giving an inch as both goalies held firm. Which goalie would blink first? The second period would be an exciting period for the home fans as the Generals found something extra and scored in quick succession to stamp their authority on the game. The new found confidence saw them 4-0 at the end of the second break. The last period resumed in style like the first as the Sabres found a way to shut down the Generals juggernaut. It wasn’t until the last 10 secs of the game before the Generals would score another goal to take out the semi final 5-0 and show the winner of the second semi final they meant business. Third goal would be scored by Remi McGuinness who would also score the final one, and Ryan Foll scored the 4th goal. Photos taken by me with basically one working shoulder after a shoulder op a week ago and Jordan my 8yo protege to help me out. Keep an eye out for his awesome photos (with a J in the title/filename)….I think he got the best photo for the game!!!