08/09/2018 Premier League Grand Final game 2 – Blackhawks v Tigers 5-1

One more win and the Adelaide Blackhawks would take out the 2018 Adelaide Premier League championship.  A win to the Adelaide Tigers and they could try and cause the upset in game 3.  The Blackhawks had been the dominant side in 2018 after many years down at the bottom.  The influx of several recent AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline retirees bolstered their side as well as Darren Corstens returning for the game and import David Chubb.  The shot of Tigers Damien Holland at the huddle at the start of the game summed up the task at hand for the Tigers team.  The game started fairly even with nearly team finding headway.  At 13:19 the Tigers had their chance to strike early when Blackhawks Mitch McLean was called for tripping.  Then it was the Tigers turn for a powerplay at 10:05 when McLean  would fall foul of the referees for slashing.  Nearly halfway into the period Blackhawks Jarrod MacDonnell opened the scoring much to the disappointment of the Tigers players who had fought hard to keep the Blackhawks at bay.  He was assisted by Tyson Boyd.   Tyson Boyd had stepped up his intensity and he would be rewarded as he found a way past Tigers goalie Russell Brewer unassisted at 5:40 to take the Blackhawks out to a 2-0 lead.  This was an ominous sign for the Tigers who knew the way to combat the Blackhawks was to strike early themselves.  At the end of the period it was Blackhawks 11 shots on goal against the Tigers 7.

The second period started with an opportunity for the Blackhawks to add to their tally when a hooking penalty to Tigers Tristan Craighead gave the Blackhawks a chance for an early lead at 13:47 but this was snuffed out with the Tigers penalty kill unit held firm.   Jamie Holland vented his frustration at 8:35 and was called to the sin bin for slashing, but Blackhawks Chad Wilson would also be called for the same penalty, and Greg Oddy a second later when play resumed!  Despite the on-man advantage the Blackhawks could not find the back of the net until ironically 9secs after their penalties ended, with the goal being scored by influential Greg Oddy.  Dean Peterson had the assist.  The Blackhawks thwarted every Tigers challenge but could also score no more goals themselves.  Wilson would fall foul of the referees again with a roughing penalty with 24secs left to play in the period.  At the end of the period the Blackhwaks were sitting pretty holding a 3-0 lead despite the Tigers 13 shots on goal against the Blackhawks 10.

It would be now or never for the Tigers and to have any chance they would need to score an early goal to get some momentum going.  An early penalty to Greg McNair didn’t held their cause, but the Blackhawks couldn’t take the powerplay advantage to further their score.  The Blackhawksa after suffering penalty trouble numerous times in game 1 and alreadly in game 2 several times settled down and concentrated on the win by preservation.  In fact the scoreline of 3-0 stayed intact until the 6:57 mark when Greg Oddy once again would inflict more pain and all but put the result beyond doubt.  He was assisted by import David Chubb, a former Adelaide Adrenaline player remember for a broken jaw he sustained in those AIHL days and now sporting a helmet resembling a SCUBA diver’s helmet.  With time running out the Tigers needed to try something drastic and goalie Russell Brewer was called back to the bench.  The Blackhawks held back the 6 attackers until Wilson would be called for roughing but only 24secs remained on the clock.  Blackhawks goalie Glenn Forbes-White would be cruelly denied a shutout win when Tigers import Tristan Craighead found a way past with just 11secs left in the period.  Both teams had had 8 shots on goal in the final period.  Blackhawks won 5-1 in a strong display and rightfully earnt the Premier League cup after such a dominant year following years in the doldrums.  Captain David Huxley would accept the cup from Steve Moeller.