05/05/2019 Ice Hockey Atoms

Selected photos from the Atoms Ice Hockey game played on 05/05/2019 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide.  After the last week’s dominance by the blue team (27 shots on goal versus 7?), the red team welcomed Jeremy and Poppy for their first Atoms game for the season, two players known not to hold back.  This seemed to spur on the red team and both players scored goals, Poppy with 4 goals, to lead the red team to a convincing 7-4 win.  At the other end Hudson would score all 4 goals for the blue team, two single handed.  A notable moment in the game was the desperate lunge by the Blue’s Lachlan in defense to stop the open path to goals.  The red team would need to find a way to remove Hudson out of the goal area as he looked for the sneaky tip in.