19/04/2019 Ice Hockey Atoms

Selected photos from the Atoms ice hockey game played at the Ice Arena, Adelaide on 19/05/2019.  The Blue team had Riley Knapp back in goals after time off with the flu and Brodie stepped up to be in the pipes for the Rampaging Reds (the red team’s new name).   Opening the Rampaging Reds account at the 12:45 mark of the first period would be Lucas Kennedy, unassisted as Riley Knapp got back into the cut and thrust of Atoms ice hockey.  One a minute later he would find the puck sitting in the back of the net when Mickey Nottle carved his way down the ice scoring unassisted.  The Blues gradually held the Reds back and scored a goal of their own showing some excellent team work after Declan Morgan scored with assists from Hudson Elze and Etienne Janovsky.  Score at the end of the first period was Rampaging Reds 2, Blues 1.  Brodie had faced 8 shots and Riley Knapp 6 shots.

The 2nd period only lasted 5 seconds as Hudson Elze burst out of the centre to even the ledger at 2-2, unassisted.  However, the Reds responded a short time later just over a minute into the period as Elliot Buley got into the action, also unassisted.  This one goal buffer wouldn’t last as Elze teamed up with Jack (Canadian Jack) Fode to even the score.  Both teams knuckled down to some solid defence, including a decisive play when Ilya Truuse tried to hug the bench wall on a burst only to find what was almost a solid check from the Blues Lachlan Henly to stop him scoring as there were no players between them and the waiting Blues goalie Knapp.  The defensive play of both teams was excellent to watch with Jordan Kutsche opting to line up for the face off time and time again to try and give the Reds first dibs.  Finally, the Blues would score the go ahead goal through Janovsky getting a feed from Micah Ung.  Yet the Reds would strike back a short time later to even the score again at 4-4 when Ilya Truuse received an assist from Buley.  However the Blues were hungrier and grabbed a late goal to take the advantage into the final period 5-4 after Jack Fode was rewarded for his fine efforts so far when he scored unassisted.  Shots on goal were Rampaging Reds 10 for 4 goals, to the Blues 11 shots for 4 goals.

The last period had extra time added on.  The Rampaging Reds brought the scoreline back to 5-5 at the 13min mark as Poppy Kelly slotted one in after an assist from Kennedy.  The Reds joy was shortlived when they would lose their goalie in Brodie after he copped a skate blade in the chest from a team mate and would leave the game.  Wade Patterson would take over, albeit without the extra padding and try valiantly to stop the Blues.  The Blues would exploit this as Elze drew the Blues ahead again at 11:12 after receiving yet another assist from the reliable Fode.  The Reds didn’t have any answers as the Blues started posting more and more shots on goals and Fode would score his second of the game at 9:46, this time getting the return favour from Elze.  Elze was now on fire and would score again at 3:27 with yet another assist from Fode to make the task just that little bit harder for the Reds with the scoreline at 8-5.  However, Mickey Nottle potted one late for the Reds as the clock wound down with 1:12 remaining with an assist from Buley.  Final score was 8-6, with Blues shots on goal being 24 shots for 9 goals against the Rampaging Reds 16 shots for 6 goals.   The Reds Zander Aliyev found himself flat on the ice a couple of times, but always managed to keep the puck from escaping with some clever stick work.   Reds Ilya Truuse had tried several times to get the much needed goals but was halted when there was no Reds player near the goals to pass to.  The Blues Anika Wegund added some good stoppages for the Blues and used the body well to block several Reds attempts to break free.  Jordan Kutsche would have one last shot at goal from an impossible angle in the dying seconds but Blues goalie Riley was up to the task.  For this game the Rampaging Reds had missed the defensive grit and forward play of Jeremy Gagnon and pesky bite of Jasmine Chen around the centre and would hope to see them back for the next game to square up the series again.  A special shoutout to the girls in the scoring booth, Sarah, Karen and Amanda for their tireless work as they come to grips with the black art of keeping time and stats.