23/06/2019 Atoms Ice Hockey – Blue Snipers v Rampaging Reds 9-9

Photos from the Atoms game between the Blue Snipers and the Rampaging Reds played at the Ice Arena on 23/06/2019. In goals would be Riley Knapp for the Rampaging Reds and Callum Shea for the Blue Snipers.

The Blue Snipers opened the scoring with Jack Fode scoring unassisted at 18:57. The Rampaging Reds didn’t let the Snipers bask in their glory for too long and a minute late evened the score at Ilya Truuse received a pass from Wade Patterson.  This was enough to give the Reds some confidence and it would be Truuse again taking the Reds ahead by a goal, unassisted.  That’s when the Reds hit a roadblock and the Snipers players started to dominate.  At 14:38 Snipers’ Fode would score again with the assist coming from Etienne Janovsky.  The score would remain at 2-all until 3mins to go the Snipers would move ahead with Hudson Elze who had been champing at the bit got amongst the action, scoring his first for the game with assists from Micah Ung and Janovsky.  They weren’t done yet and with 1:33 to play Elze added another to the Snipers score, unassisted.  Shots on goal, Blue Snipers 8, Rampaging Reds 5.

Second period and the Snipers would continue their onslaught. Only 22secs in Fode would score his hat trick, unassisted.  The score now was 5-2 and slipping out of the Reds grasp.  To add to the Reds misery Elze added another shortly afterwards at 18:17 with assists from Summer Battersby and Lachlan Henly.  The score now 6-2 in favour of the Blue Snipers.  At this rate a mercy rule (a la baseball) would need to be brought in.  A tripping penalty at 13:00 to Snipers Janovsky didn’t result in the Reds taking advantage.  But then Elliot Buley managed to get some life back into the Reds, scoring at 10:52, unassisted, to reduce the deficit to 3 goals, still a long way off.  A tripping penalty to Snipers’ Jasmine Chen at 6:35 gave the Reds a chance to strike back, but any resurgence was shortlived as the Snipers returned to the 4 goal margin through Henly shorthanded at 6:10, assisted by Fode.  The Reds were getting disappointed after good defensive play wasn’t rewarded with the Snipers managing to find a way past.  Reds Mickey Nottle was particularly taking it hard as he returned back to the bench.  However, rather than accepting this he would return with vigour and with a last roll of the dice at 1:21 to go slotted one past goalie Shea to get the Reds within 3 goals again with the scoreline at 7-4.

Whatever Rampaging Reds coach Jeff Fode and assistant coach Pascal Gagnon said to the players it worked. The Reds would score at 14:39 as Truuse scored his hat trick, unassisted, to make the scoreline 7-5.  The Snipers would however return the 3 goal margin about 2mins later, courtesy of Fode, with assists from Anika Wegund and Elze.  Did I hear someone on the Reds bench say ‘’stuff this, let’s go’’???  Looking down the barrel something seemed to stir in the Reds bench as Jeremy Gagnon charged forth out of his usual defensive role or centre scoring at 10:15, assisted by Nottle, closely followed by a goal from Truuse again (his 4th of the game), assisted by Poppy Kelly, to make the scoreline 8-7.  The Snipers started to panic, and Fode restored order scoring his 5th for the game to create a 2 goal buffer.    Reds’ Nottle, now lifting his head high, decided it was time to act and scored at 6:44, assisted by Callum von Einem to create a real buzzing game as the Reds started to run down the Snipers.  Reds’ Gagnon would be called for interference at 4:59 but the Snipers weren’t able to take advantage as the penalty kill unit held fast.  Nottle, sensing it was now or never burst through and posted the tying goal for the Reds with 30secs left to play.  A mention needs to go to those in deep defence guarding the breakaway zone, such as Reds’ Jordan Kutsche, not quite amongst the action but playing a valuable role and still managing some excellent passes such as his along the boards from one side of the rink to the other to find a team mate.   The final buzzer signalled the end of arguably the most entertaining game of the series to date and good to see almost every player end up with points in the game.  Final score saw Blue Snipers 9, Rampaging Reds 9.  Shots on goal for the game were Snipers 24, Reds and economical 14.