04/08/2019 Atoms Ice Hockey – Rampaging Reds 11 v Blue Snipers 4

After some recent big wins to the Blue Snipers, the Rampaging Reds needed a special combined team effort as the Blue Snipers have plenty of depth.  The Reds would gain a some advantage with experienced goaltender Riley Knapp swapping teams but the Snipers had a bigger bench of players to choose from.  Callum Shea was suited up as the Snipers goaltender.  In the first shift, Snipers defence player Anika Wegund was very determined in both defence and then getting the puck forward.  The first 5 and a half minutes were relatively even before the Reds Ilya Truuse burst forward firing a zinger past Shea teaming up with Poppy Kelly.  A minute later the Reds players combined well again  to give Wade Patterson the chance to score, with the assist from Elliot Buley.  The Reds were starting to finally gel well.  The game was even for a while again.  Meanwhile the Snipers appeared met a determined pack of Reds players holding them back, noticeably Jeremy Gagnon, Kelly and Wade Patterson.   A tripping penalty to Reds Patterson and interference penalty to Truuse had the Reds penalty kill unit needing to stay focussed to keep their lead intact.  With just over 2mins to play in the period, Patterson would again find a way past Snipers goaltender Shea after an assist from Gagnon.  The 3-0 lead left the Snipers coach Stu Henly and players scratching their heads and wondering how the Reds were finding their Mojo this week.  One noticeable difference was Truuse finding team mates to pass to and also not getting trapped along the boards as was often the case.  The Reds weren’t quite finished as Reds new addition Archie ? scored deep in the period, unassisted.  The Snipers had their chances but goaltender Riley had been exceptional and their 9 shots on goal had resulted in no joy.  The Reds had made use of their 8 shots.  Time for the Snipers to regroup and find a winning game plan.

It wasn’t to be as Reds coaches Scott Buley and Pascal Gagnon had found a winning formula of their own today.  Snipers Jack Fode tried some aggression but his body check earnt him 2mins in the sin bin at 18:17.  Six minutes into the period the Snipers Etienne Janovsky smacked one past goal Reds tender Knapp to open their account and take the score to 4-1.   However the fightback was short-lived as the Reds Elliot Buley scored after an assist from Gagnon.  The Reds were definitely on fire today with the forwards teaming up well and the defence players gaining confidence like Callum von Einem against Snipers Lachlan Henly and Jordan Kutsche covering a lot of the open space in case the Snipers thought it was an easy way to goals on a breakaway.  The Snipers still were struggling with their game plan for some reason, with plenty of forays forward as it had worked so well before.  The Reds however were in no mood to ease off as at 7:06 Mickey Nottle scored from Gagnon, who now had 3 assists and then at 5:30 Patterson scored his hat trick, unassisted.  On ice official Simon Knapp would give goaltender Shea some words of encouragement as he started to make some good saves, and would only get better with experience.  Life for a new goaltender is a steep learning curve.  The Snipers defence of Wegund and Summer Battersby had teamed up well on occasions.  Reds Gagnon himself decided it was time for another goal of his own with Buley scoring the assist.  Again, the Snipers had peppered the goals, but Reds goaltender Knapp was simply awesome, stopping shot after shot of their 11 attempts!  The Reds, on the other hand had been frugal with 6 shots for 5 goals.

In the 3rd period neither team found a way forward thanks to good defence with Snipers Fode and regular goal scorer Hudson Elze well contained.  Halfway into the period Elze decided it was time for action and he scored unassisted at 9:35, and yet again at 8:50 to try and get the Snipers moving against the Rampaging Reds who were living up to their name today!  The Reds Nottle would widen the gap again only 40secs after Elze’s last goal to get the Reds into double figures at 10-3.  Then Reds Gagnon scored his hat trick at 5:13 to post the Reds 11th goal with Snipers goaltender Shea very unlucky after he stopped it and then have it come off his body to just trickle over the line.  Gagnon’s tally was 3 goals and 3 assists!  The Reds defence of von Einem and Kutsche had gained in confidence to challenge the Snipers playmakers of Elze and Fode.  Else did however slip through to get his hat trick with under a minute to play.  Shots on goal for the period were again won by the Snipers with 9, against the Reds 5.  Total for the game was Snipers 29 for 4 goals, Reds 19 for 11 goals.  Soon the Snipers would be without Jack Fode, their major engine house and a change in goals might even the teams once again.