16/08/2020 Pee Wee_Crocs Div Ice Hockey – Kangaroos v Penguins 3-2

Photos from the 2nd game of the Pee Wee Crocs Division ice hockey season with Kangaroos (white jerseys) against the Penguins.  The Kangaroos combined to open the scoring at 12:30 with Thomas Curl scoring after an assist from  Elijah Kelly.  Jack Fode of the Penguins would level the score at 11:02, unassisted.  Penguins goaltender Zac Murfin faced 7 shots, Kangaroos goaltender Isaac Berthalot 2 shots.

Second period remained devoid of goals long into the period as neither team gave an inch.  The first goal coming at 3:42 when Elijah Kelly scored after an assist from Kurl.  The Penguins equalised just before the period break at 0:49 with Blake Ung scoring and the assist going to Jack Fode.  Shots on were: Murfin 7, Berthalot 7.

The 3rd period was similar to the 2nd with neither team finding a way past the goaltenders.  However, at 4:40 Elze would score the game winner after a pass from Nikita Loria.  Final shots on goal were: Murfin facing 17 and Berthalot 14.