20/09/2020 Pee Wee Roos Division Ice Hockey – Senators v Panthers 3-0

Selected photos from the Pee Wee Roos Division Ice Hockey game between the Senators and the Panthers played on 20/09/2020 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  The Senators would bring the full team to this game plus a new player Amanda Marasigan (having to wear her Ducks jersey when a spare Senators one couldn’t be found by game time!).  The Panthers would be without the services of Naomi Gagnon and Max Marquardt.  Goaltenders would be Brodie Clarke and Riley Knapp for the Senators and Panthers respectively.

The 1st period was tight one with a lot of the play being stoppages and a little sloppy at times.  Neither team could find a way forward although the Panthers were able to put 7 shots on Clarke, while Knapp only faced 2 shots on thanks to the miserly Panthers defence.  Eventually with 1:32 remaining Senators Luka Loria scored past Knapp with an assist from Zeth Wyngarde, yet again adding to his impressive points tally for the season.  At the other end the defence was doing their job forcing the Panthers to not have perfect shots at Clarke.  No penalties occurred in the period.

The second period would see the Senators use the momentum advantage from the 1st period to score the second goal of the game, again through Loria, unassisted this time.  The Panthers were unable to mount a challenge and the score remained the same for the period.  Shots on goal were Clarke facing 4, and Knapp facing 5.  No penalties occurred in the period.

The 3rd period was similar to the first with neither team able to past some good defence, with every drive thwarted and goal tenders making some good saves.  With the game winding down towards the 2min mark the Senators found a little extra and completed their one goal per period record when Elliot Buley scored off Loria.  Again no penalties resulted for the period.  Shots on goal for the game were, Clarke facing 17 for no goals, Knapp 12 shots for 3 goals.