2021 Viking Cup Inline Hockey

Some of the photos from the 2021 Viking Cup Inline Hockey Tournament played between 21-24 January 2021 at the Gawler Recreation Centre, hosted by the North Vikings Inline Hockey Club.  The event returned to its original place in the year after having been postponed in 2020 until the October long weekend due to Covid-19.   The tournament saw 5 divisions this year, Division 1 (6 teams) and Division 2 (7 teams)  for adult and over 15 players, Junior A (under 15, 5 teams) , Junior B (under 12, 5 teams) and the newly introduced Junior C division (2 teams) for the littles and beginner kids.  Teams are from North Vikings club at Gawler, Blackwood Blaze club at Blackwood, or independently entered teams.  Please note photos are representative of the Blackwood entered teams and the two Junior C Vikings teams games.  No photos of Division 1 games are presented.

Winners and runners up were (bold represents leaders at end of minor rounds):

Division 1 – 1. Generals, 2. Team MaxOut Sports, 3. Aggressively Average

Division 2 – 1. Blackwood Benders, 2. Blackwood Blaze, 3. Wolves

Junior A – 1. Flex Hockey Hooligans A, 2. Blackwood Beasts A, 3. SAWinline (North Vikings)

Junior B – 1. Flex Hockey Hooligans B, 2. Vikings Flames B, 3. Vikings Thunder B

Junior C  – Vikings Ice C, Vikings Flames C



Viking Cup Junior B U12 Blackwood Beasts B v Vikings Thunder B


Div2 Blackwood Benders v Blackwood Blaze

Junior A U15 Blackwood Beasts A v SAWinline

Junior A U12 Blackwood Beasts A v Flex Hockey Hooligans

Div2 Blackwood Benders v Shoots and Giggles

Div2 Blackwood Blaze v Wolves

23/01/2020 JuniorA U15 Blackwood Beasts A v Vikings Thunder A

JuniorC Vikings Flames C v Vikings Ice C

JuniorC Vikings Ice C v Vikings Flames C

24/01/2021 JuniorA U15 Flex Hockey Hooligans v Blackwood Beasts A