9/05/2021 Pee Wee Div 1 ice hockey – Huskies v Jets 5-4

First Div 1 Pee Wee game of the 2021 winter season saw new players and new jerseys.  The teams are the Jets (red) and the Huskies (blue).  The Div 2 Pee Wee league comprises 3 teams, Jets, Huskies and the Hornets.  The Div 1 Pee Wees will see the coaches from each team swap to the other team to instil different knowledge and coaching styles.  Some last minute changes in the teams after the last training shinny game saw Gabriel Koudelka now playing for the Huskies in exchange for Yongen Song.  Missing from the inaugural Div 1 game for the Jets was Luka Loria (moving up from 2020 Div 2 Pee Wees) and Callum Shea, and missing for the Huskies was Emma Eldhose (did not play in 2020) and David Loria (moving up from 2020 Div 2 Pee Wees).  The 1st period saw a tight tussle with neither team able to break through good defence from each team, despite some initial nerves showing from players moving up from Div 2, but the nerves were shaken off midway through the period as they found their way in the faster and tougher Div 1 league.  The contest was so evenly matched and tight it wasn’t until 3:40 remaining that the first goal would be scored.  It was the Huskies that broke the drought when live wire Jeremy Gagnon scored with an assist from Mickey Nottle.   The Jets would however strike back a little later with 1:11 remaining in the period when Elijah Kelly scored from a Yongen Song assist.

The second period didn’t take long before the Huskies added another goal to their tally when Jeremy Gagnon scored his second for the game with the assist again coming from Nottle.  One and a half minutes later the Jets would again level the score, again with Elijah Kelly finding a way past Huskies netminder Riley Knapp.  The assist came from sister Poppy Kelly.  Deep into the period the Huskies took the lead again when the elusive Ilya Truuse carved his way through the Jets team to score at 3:40 remaining after an assist from Gabriel Koudelka.  The Jets weren’t taking it lying down as the determined Elijah Kelly scored his hat trick with new Div 1 player Jordan Kutsche getting the assist.

The third period had barely begun when the Huskies went ahead again, this time through dangerman Jack Fode with an assist from Micah Ung.  Less than a minute later Elijah Kelly had enough of the Huskies lead and evened the ledger again for his 4th goal of the game, with the assist this time from Hudson Elze.  This game showed how evenly matched the two teams were, matching goal for goal.  A hooking penalty to Jets Elijah Kelly was seen off by their penalty kill unit.  The period ground down to what looked like a draw, a fitting end to this tight, even tussle, but with many bodies in front of the Jets goal in the dying seconds the Huskies players kept hammering away firing shot after shot into the crowd, with Jets Anika Wegund taking a full blooded shot to block, but eventually Gabriel Koudelka fired one last gasp shot into the massive screen in front of goal with the puck bouncing of bodies to somehow find a way past Jets goaltender Zac Mirfin to score a miraculous win for the Huskies.  Shots on goal faced was: Huskies goaltender Riley Knapp facing 22 shots to Jets goaltender Zac Mirfin 31 shots.   A very entertaining game indeed and with the teams pretty evenly matched hopefully will bode for a close season.