19/09/2021 Pee Wee Division 2 grand final – Jets v Hornets 2-1

Some of the photos from the Pee Wee Division 2 Grand Final game between the Jets and the Hornets played on 19/09/2021 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.

The Jets had finished on top in the 3 team competition so had to await the outcome of the Hornets vs Huskies semi final.  The Hornets beat the Huskies to have the chance to take on the Jets.  As has been the case all season the game was tight with the Jets edging out the Hornets 2-1, to make it a double for the Jets teams in the Pee Wee age group, and then in the later game a triple as the Bantam Jets won their Grand Final 9+ goals to 1 (regular Huskies goalie had left for Canada).