09/03/2022 Adelaide Summer League Div Semi Final game 2 – Unicorns v Arctics 3-4

Selected photos from the Adelaide Summer League Division 1 Semi Final game 2 (best of 3 game series) played between the Unicorns and the Arctics on 09/03/2022 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  After finishing minor premiers for Division 1 in the Adelaide Summer League, the Unicorns would face the 4th placed Arctics in one of the semi final matchups, with the other being 2nd placed Titans playing the 3rd placed Huskies in the other semi final matchup.  After a 6-2 win in the first game for the Unicorns, they were looking at wrapping up the series to move to the Grand Final.  The Unicorns would be using the Division 2 Unicorns goaltender Tyler Douchene.  The game was tight with the Arctics scoring the only goal in the 1st period.  Straight into the 2nd period the Unicorns levelled the score at 1-all, but about 3mins later the Arctics went ahead again, and the 4mins later added another.  There were some bizarre referee calls such as blowing the whistle for a stoppage around the goal, only to then award a goal a few seconds later had everyone confused, but at least one of these scenarios occurred for both teams.  The Unicorns would have to dig deep and would miss the bite of Michael Harris their leading goalscorer.  Despite fighting back to 3-all, the Arctics eventually edged out the Unicorns 4-3.  Game 3 also went to the Arctics by the same scoreline and they advance to the Grand Final.  Being a Division 2 Unicorns player, and my team not playing finals, gave me the opportunity to get some photos of the other Unicorns, hence the bias of Unicorns players in the photos.