Adelaide AWIHL Players

Adelaide has hosted a team in the AWIHL since it was formed in 2006.  First they were the highly successful Assassins (red jerseys) and then later as the Adrenaline (first blue, and then and unusual shade of red jerseys), when they merged with the men’s Adrenaline team.  In 2016-2017 along came the Rush….as in Adrenaline Rush!  Many of the Adrenaline women players also play in the local league in the B and C grades.  The Adelaide teams have been the dominant force winning the first 5 years (2006-2010) of the women’s competition as the Assassins and then again as the Adrenaline in 2012, but the Melbourne Ice has been making some inroads on that score.  This page represents the players that have played for the Adelaide Assassins, Adrenaline and Rush teams.  The Women’s season is played in the latter part of the year and extends to February of the following year.   Each ‘year group’ below represents the last year the player played for the Assassins, Adrenaline and Rush teams as well as the current lineup.  ‘I’ stands for import player, and ‘G’ stands for goal tender.

2018/2019 Adelaide Rush

The Adelaide Rush had a major change to the roster, losing Tonii Larpent, Marina nottle, Katrina Dobo and Keesha Atkins to the Perth Inferno.  Plenty of new faces, but also boltered with the return of Kelly Harris and Candice Mitchell filling the shoes of captain again.


2. Jamie Lunn            6. Tiffany Venning           7.  Cherie Reid             8  Kelly Harris          9 Kaitlyn Malthaner (I)



10. Meggie Ayris          11. Josephine Otto           12 Natalie Ayris         17. Shania Chenoweth   18.  Candice Mitchell



19. Lily-Mae Edwards     21. Gail Painter         33. Jasmine Lister           37. Sally Wilson          39. Melissa Tyson



44. Sarah Wise          50. Courtney Semmler         59. Kirsty Venus         87. Tess Reynolds



30. Jo Phillis (G)         35.  Jayde Hodge (G)






2017/2018 Adelaide Rush

The Adelaide Rush have released their roster for the upcoming 2017-18 AWIHL season.  After sitting out the 2016/2017 season Candace Mitchell and Tess Reynolds returned.  Also into the team are Keesha Atkins, Shania Chenoweth, Candice Mitchell (ex-Captain), Ashley Pelkey (US import), Madeleine Prescott, Tiffany Venning (from Goannas), Sally Wilson and Hannah Wright (US Import). While dropped from the roster are Katrina Dobo, Tina Girdler (to Goannas), Kelly Harris (maternity leave), Sari Lehmann, Sara-Anne Lemanski and Samara Mihal.  The team coach is Adrenaline’s Joseph Rezek and Assistant Coach is Corey Smith with Nicki Brammer as Team Manager.



2 Ashey Pelkey (I)                            4 Sarah Christensen                      6 Tiffany Venning                          7 Hannah Wright (I)                        12 Natalie Ayris


17 Shania Chenoweth                       18 Candice Mitchell                         19 Lily-Mae Edwards                          22 Toni Larpent                         44 Sarah Wise


59 Kirsty Venus                                 66 Madeleine Prescott                    71 Sally Wilson                             89 Tess Reynolds                              91 Marina Nottle



30 Jo Phillis (G)                             33 Keesha Atkins (G)


   2016/2017 Adelaide Rush (formerly Adelaide Adrenaline)

The 2016/2017 AWIHL season saw a major change in women’s ice hockey in Adelaide.  Many of the experienced players chose not to play again.  These included long-time captain Candace Mitchell, Claudia Tom, Bethanie Kavanagh, Taylor Botterill, Tess Reynolds, Kate Tihema, Diana Glass, and more recent 2015/2016 players Sarah Teed, Ruby Gibson, Angie-Lee Mitchell, Natalie Lowes and rookie goalie Jayde Hodge.  That is a massive hole in a team.  It is hoped that some of these players will return in the future.

2016/2017 saw the team rebadged as the Rush (as in Adrenaline Rush) to create its own identity from the men’s Adrenaline team.  With so many players missing it gave players opportunities to step up and take on senior roles as Captain and alternate captain, such as Kelly Harris as the early captain until stalwart defence player Sari Lehmann returned and took over the role.  This has resulted in Kelly and Kirsty Venus as the alternate captains.  Jo Phillis returns as the No.1 goalie with Tina Girdler as backup goalie but not at the same calibre as Australian Women’s team goalie Jo.  Imports are players imported from Canberra.  The team now mainly comprises developmental players but a standout has been Natalie Ayris, who along with Kelly Harris and Kirsty Venus have scored the handful of the Rush’s goals.  The team and coach Mitch Kelleher and assistant coach Jamie Holland do not have any lofty ambitions but just want the team play hard, learn a lot and maybe surprise a few of the teams.


6 Samara Mihal                              7 Sara-Anne Lemanski                         8 Kelly Harris                          10 Sari Lehmann                            11 Katrina Dobo

29 Tina Girdler


2015/2016 Adelaide Adrenaline

With the new AWIHL rules of no import goalies, there would be no Shannon Giebelhaus again.  However Adelaide have two very able goalies in the very experienced Claudia Tom and gutsy Jo Phillis.

Most of the 2014-2015 lineup return in 2015-2016 except for the experienced Natasha Farrier which will be a big loss.  Also leaving the team were Carol Riley, Gabby Aston, Beth Bowshall (having a year off, but still on-ice official), Meg Ayris.  Coming into the team is Sarah Teed from the Melbourne Ice, and rookie Samara Mihal (whose dad was South Australian ice hockey legend Vladdy Mihal).  Natalie Lowes was another rookie and Angie Lee Mitchell (no relation to captain Candice Mitchell) is a future proposition.  A slightly depleted lineup has once again left the team a bit vulnerable in the ‘big’ games.


Players that played the last AWIHL games for the Adelaide Adrenaline were:


(left to right) 2 Tess Reynolds            4 Sarah Teed                                 6 Samara Mihal                              7 Bethanie Kavanagh                    10 Angle Lee Mitchell


6/13  Natalie Lowes                         16 Ruby Gibson                           18 Candice Mitchell                       19 Diana Glass                              21 Kate Tihema




24 Taylor Botterill                             30 Claudia Tom                              39  Jo Phillis                                  Jayde Hodge




2014/2015 Adelaide Adrenaline

The loss of a few players has to hurt. Michelle Coonan has been poached by the Melbourne Ice, but with an import goaltender in their lineup will be difficult to get much ice time.  Despite the Adrenaline having the experienced Claudia Tom and also Jo Phillis as goaltenders the hunt went out for an import goaltender, and Shannon Giebelhaus came into the team.

The remainder of the team from 2013-2014 lineup apart from those named above are much the same, except for the experienced Natasha Farrier, and rookie Natalie Lowes.  The slightly depleted lineup leaves the Adrenaline perhaps a little bit vulnerable in the ‘big’ games after some excellent recruiting by Melbourne and Sydney in particular.

Players playing their last season for the Adrenaline are as follows (except Beth Bowshall who may be back):


2 Natasha Farrier                            4 Gabby Aston                               10(5) Carol Riley                            14(28) Beth Bowshall                          28(10) Meg Ayris

30 Shannon Giebelhaus


2013/2014 Adelaide Adrenaline

Players playing their last games for the Adrenaline in 2013/2014 are below.  Note Andrea Steranko is available but working in the Northern Territory and therefore not financially easy to get into the Adelaide team.


        6 Rebecca Aldridge                           10 Zoe Boling                            28 Sarah Boyce                         30 Michell Coonan

2012/2013 Adelaide Adrenaline

The last year these players played for the Adrenaline.

5 Jess Harris                                  28 Meridith Boyce                          19 Andrea Steranko



 2011/2012 Adelaide Adrenaline


In the 2011/2012 season the Adelaide Assassins amalgamated with the men’s AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline team.  This appeared to be a common tactic in the AWIHL as the Melbourne Dragons had become the Melbourne Ice and the Sydney Sirens had become the Newcastle Northstar-Sirens.  With sponsorship rather thin on the ground for women’s ice hockey this meant the women’s teams got more exposure and hopefully some much needed sponsorship.

The last year these players played for the Adrenaline.

10 Hollie Bolton                               16 Courtney Tremblay                           27 Rylie Padjen                               29 Belinda James



2006-2010/2011 Adelaide Assassins

Not all players that played for the Assassins are represented in these photos.  Some photos of some players were too poor to reproduce.


1 Claudia Tom                               2 Natasha Farrier                               3 Kristin Miyauchi                               4 Sarah Boyce                             4 Zoe Boling


5 Jess Dennis                                5 Bec Mussared                             5 Catherine King                            6 Hayley Wharram                           7  Bethanie Kavanagh



7 Cherie Reid                               8 Shae Ganac                                 10 Hollie Bolton                             11 Sari Lehmann                              13 Andrea Steranko



13 Nikki Robinson                            14 Justine Shaw                        15 Krystal Finlay-Smith                        15 Taylor Botterill                    16 & 19 Emily Baker-King



16 Meredith Boyce                           17/20 Diana Glass                               17 Robin Hall                                18 Candice Mitchell                            19 Melissa Hall


29 Belinda James                              Jo Phillis


  2009-2010 Team Lineup


  2008/2009 Team Lineup