2019 Willall Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb

2019 marked the 11th and final running of the Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb run by Ultimate Motorsport Events and Willall Racing near Inman Valley in South Australia. The Ashby family own the property where the pits and start area has been located but they have future plans for the land marking the end of an era foe this popular event. The photos displayed are some of the photos available from the Sunday of the 2-day event.

Packets of approximately 50 cars each tackle the mountain characterised by a 17% slope in Turn 1 and 2, before a chicane of cones at the cutting at the midpoint. The fast finish is known to catch out some competitors. 160 competitors contested the 2019 event. The timed runs on Saturday saw quite a few cars out of the event including one of the favourites, Keir Wilson in a new Nissan GTR, but he returned on Sunday with a Lambo! Competitors would complete 3 runs on Sunday before their combined times from the two days would be used to find the 12 fastest cars in 2WD, 4WD and Classic classes to contest a shootout at the end of the day. A few offs had used up available time so the 12 became the fastest 3 in each class instead of fastest 6 first as had been the case for most years. Photos of each run will be added over the next few days…..

Sunday 1st Run

Sunday 2nd Run

Sunday 3rd Run