2021 The Bend Classic

Some of the photos available from the wet Saturday of the ”The Bend Classic” on 04/09/2021.  The event also run on the Sunday, and both days used the 3.41km long West Circuit.

Race categories included: Classic Formula 1 and Open Wheel, Open Sports and Racing, Vintage Racing, Classic Production, Historic Sports Sedans, Modern Sports and Exotic.  The highlight would be the Formula 1 cars, however they wouldn’t be able to run in the rain for safety reasons and the value of the cars themselves.  The organisers shuffled the order of the categories so that those that could race in the rain did so.

The event started off in dry conditions, but the heavens opened up during the Historic Sports Sedans first sprint session and rain showers continued during all of the categories.  Spare a thought for the poor drivers in the Open Sports and Racing and Vintage categories where the drivers had to not only battle the slippery conditions on the track but also the rain in the face!  Eventually the sun returned late in the day during the Historic Sports Sedans second sprint session.  After the conclusion all the safety vehicles were used to run lap after lap until the track had shed sufficient moisture for the Classic Formula 1 and Open Wheel category cars to have their sprint session.

Practice sessions

1105 Vintage, Open Sports and Racing – Sprint 1


1145 Historic Sports Sedans – Sprint 1


1240 Modern Sports – Sprint 1


1340 Vintage, Open Sports and Racing Sprint 2


1420 Historic Sports Sedans – Sprint 2


1510 Modern Sports – Sprint 2


1600 Classic Open Wheel and Formula 1 – Sprint 1