2022 The Bend Autofest

The Bend Motorsport Park hosted the The Bend Autofest on the weekend of the 21-23 October 2022, a culmination of several championships all rolled into one and combined with the Adelaide Hills Rally (Asia Pacific Rally Championship qualifier, Australian Rally Championship, South Australian Rally Championship).  The Radical Cup Australia, Australian Production Cars, Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Australia Series, Australia Prototype Series, Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia powered by AWS, and Vintage class (open wheelers) would have practice, qualifying and races over the 3 days of the event.  The rally cars would compete on 4 runs of the GT Plus stage (most of the full GT track layout) on Friday night, and then a stage comprising eastern sections of the tracks and service roads (East Stage) and out in the paddocks to the north (North Stage) as well as some runs on the Rallycross “Stadium” Stage.   The weather was fine for Friday and Saturday but conditions turned sour for Sunday and with the track unable to shed water sufficiently and standing water on some corners meant whole races for the Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia cars and Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge cars had to be cancelled for safety reasons.

Friday – Porsches Practice 2, Australian Prototypes Practice 2, Vintage Practice 2, Formula 5000 demonstration, Radical Cup Practice 3, Australian Production Cars, Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Qualifying

Saturday – Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia Qualifying, Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Race1, Australian Prototypes Qualifying

Sunday – Radical Cup Australia Race2, Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge Race3 (abandoned)