6/08/2023 AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline v CBR Brave 2-6

Some of the photos taken from the Australian Ice Hockey League game between Adelaide Adrenaline and CBR (Canberra) Brave played on 6/08/2023 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  Adrenaline would have Matus Trnka as their starting goaltender, and for the Brave would be Aleksi Toivonen.  The teams sat at opposite ends of the ladder so it would be a tall ask for the younger Adrenaline side.  After the domination of the Saturday game by the Brave, the Adrenaline would have had to have a big rethink on how to tackle this juggernaut.  The game would start off with the South Australian Ginsberg U13 team being presented to the crowd, after recently winning Bronze at the national championship.

Amazing what an overnight sleep can do…the Adrenaline players decided aggression was the order of the day and it paid dividends, matching the Brave.  At one stage the score was 2-2 stunning the visitors and giving the home spectators something to cheer about.  But unfortunately the Brave would have other ideas and once grabbing the lead again were never headed, eventually winners 6-2.