Women’s Ice Hockey in Adelaide



Formerly known as the Women’s Ice Hockey Association (WIHA)

Adelaide has been the dominant force in the Women’s Ice Hockey league in Australia.  The truly national competition kicked off in 2005/2006.  Adelaide has won 5 out of the 7 years (to 2012-2103) the competition has been run.  The Melbourne Ice are emerging as a powerhouse team as they have the other two championships.

  AWIHL logo used from 2006-2010



2008/2009 AWIHL Season

The competition comprised 4 teams based on the eastern seaboard and centrally in Adelaide.

Adelaide Assassins     Sydney Sirens     Melbourne Dragons   Brisbane Goannas

The Sydney Sirens finished on top of the table at the end of the minor rounds, with Adelaide Assassins (2nd), Brisbane Goannas (3rd) and Melbourne Dragons (last).

The top points Forwards/Defence scorers for the season were:

Name                       Team       Games played     G    A     Points    Penalty mins

Lisa McMahon        Goannas           12                  8     8       16                0

Andrea Steranko    Goannas           12                  8      8       16               18

Lucy Parrington      Dragons            12                10      6       16               10

Shona Green          Dragons           12                  3     10       13                4

Sharna Godfrey      Goannas           12                 8       2       10               16

Top goaltenders for the minor rounds were:

Name                    Team      Games played   Saved     Goals against  GAA    SO

Alex Stefan            Sirens                 7                139                7               1.27      3

Ashleigh Brown     Sirens                 7                110                8               1.45    2

Belinda James      Assassins            6               177               15               2.73    0

The Finals were played on the big ice in Newcastle.  Semi finals scores were Sirens 5 v Dragons 1, Assassins 4 v Goannas 3.  Adelaide Assassins put it altogether in Newcastle and won the grand final against the Sydney Sirens with the scoreline 3-2.  Notably Andrea Steranko was playing for the Brisbane Goannas and is now a familiar player on the Adelaide Assassins roster.  The winning Assassins team comprised: 1. Claudia Tom (G), 2. Natasha Farrier, 3. K Myachi, 4. Zoe Bolling, 5. C King, 6. Hayley Wharram, 7. Cherie Reid, 8. Shadan Ganac, 10. Hollie Bolton, 11. Sari Lehmann, 13. N Robinson, 14. Justine Shaw, 15. Krystal Finley-Smith, 16. Merridith Boyce, 17. Robyn Hall, 17. Elise Hawke, 18. Candice Mitchell, 19. Emily Baker-King, 20. Diana Glass, 29. Belinda James (G).

Assassins v Goannas action in Adelaide in late 2008, and Assassins v Sirens action in Adelaide in January 2009

The top points Forwards/Defence scorers for the playoffs were:

Name                       Team           G    A     Penalty mins

Natasha Farrier     Assassins        2    1             2

  1. Miyachi           Assassins        1    1

Teresa Moriaty      Goannas         1    0

Tamra Jones         Goannas         1    0             2

Single assists included: Andrea Steranko, M. Mazzola and Lisa McMahon (all Dragons), Natasha Farrier (Assassins).  Robin Hall had 10mins of PIM.

(Stats courtesy of http://wiha.hockeysyte.com/xsyte)



2009/2010 AWIHL Season

Adelaide indicated its intentions throughout the season by sending a clear message to the other teams that they weren’t done with championships yet.  This was largely accomplished with a strong lineup including Natasha Farrier, Andrea Steranko (now transferred from the Goannas to the Assassins) and strong UK import Bethanie Kavanagh with a lot of support from home grown players, such as captain Candice Mitchell, Sari Lehmann, Sara Boyce, Di Glass and the emerging Hollie Bolton in defence.  At the end of the minor round Adelaide finished on top with 9 wins, 2 losses and a tie to second placed Sydney Sirens on 5 wins, 5 losses and 2 ties.  Melbourne Dragons finished 3rd and Brisbane Goannas last, which appeared to be a trend for the next few years.

The top points Forwards/Defence scorers for the season were:

Name                         Team       Games played     G    A     Points    Penalty mins

Natasha Farrier        Assassins          10                 21   16        37              20

Bethanie Kavanagh  Assassins          10                12   20         32              26

Andrea Steranko      Assassins          10                 17   12         29             10

Jordan Pyers            Goannas           12                  10    3         13               8

Kath McOnie             Sirens               10                  10    2        12                4

Top goaltenders for the minor rounds were:

Name                    Team      Games played   Saved     Goals against  GAA    SO

Tara Woods         Dragons              4                117                 10            2.50    0

Kristy Bruske       Goannas              2                55                    5            2.50    0

Belinda James     Assassins            6               131                 16            2.67    1

The playoffs saw Sydney Sirens pick off the Melbourne Dragons 4 goals to 3, and the Adelaide Assassins won in a one-sided contest against the Brisbane Goannas 6 goals to 2.  The Assassins had gained a lot of confidence with their semi final win and in front of a parochial home town crowd tore apart the Sirens, 6 goals to nil.  The winning Assassins unit comprised: 1. Claudia Tom (G), 2. Natasha Farrier, 3. Krystal Finley-Smith, 4. Sarah Boyce, 5. Jess Harris, 5. Bec Mussared, 6. Hayley Wharram, 7. Bethanie Kavanagh, 10. Hollie Bolton, 11. Sari Lehmann, 13. Andrea Steranko, 14. Justine Shaw, 15. Taylor Botterill, 16. Emily Baker-King, 17. Robyn Hall, 18. Candice Mitchell, 19. Melissa Hall, 20. Diana Glass, 29. Belinda James (G).

The top points Forwards/Defence scorers for the playoffs were:

Name                          Team           G    A     Penalty mins

Bethanie Kavanagh  Assassins       4    4             2

Andrea Steranko      Assassins       4    3             8

Natasha Farrier        Assassins       3    4             8

Emily Ward                Dragons        1    3             0

Rachel White              Sirens          3    0             2

(Stats courtesy of http://wiha.hockeysyte.com/xsyte)

Victorious Adelaide Assassins team with coach John Botterill

(Stats courtesy of http://wiha.hockeysyte.com/xsyte)


2010/2011 AWIHL Season

In the 2010/2011 season, the former Melbourne Dragons had amalgamated with the men’s team the Melbourne Ice in a move to hopefully gain more exposure and much needed sponsorship as the women’s competition is not seen by the public in as big a light as the AIHL men’s competition (comprising 8 teams).   The Melbourne Ice girls would also play on the larger rink at Docklands and this proved to be a great advantage as they won the championship on home ice.  However it must be noted that Adelaide did not have the services of Natasha Farrier (who was playing in Canada) and Andrea Steranko for that whole season.  Bethanie Kavanagh remained as only one of the former winning line.  This trend of amalgamating with the men’s teams would occur again in 2011/2012.




2011/2012 AWIHL Season


2011/12 Australian Women Ice Hockey League’s teams

Adelaide Adrenaline   Melbourne Ice    Brisbane Goannas  Newcastle Northstar/Sirens



2011, the Melbourne Ice have a taste of victory hoisting the cup.  In 2013 season the Ice start a dynasty winning 2013-2016.   2016 AWIHL  – Adelaide Adrenaline renamed Adelaide Rush.  In 2017 the Sydney Sirens win the championship.




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  • 2010 – Adelaide Assassins
  • 2011 – Melbourne Ice
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