15/04/2023 B Grade – Jokers v Falcons

Selected photos from the Adelaide winter ice hockey season B grade game between the Jokers and the Falcons played on 15/04/2023 at the Ice Arena.  This game saw Bantams player Max Leong suit up in the green Jokers jersey for his first club winter league game, amongst much larger and experienced players.  Goal tenders were newbie Seth Anspach (premier league inline hockey goaltender, drafted from the ASL Stingrays team), and veteran goaltender Paul Cracknell for the Falcons.

Play was even for the first few minutes the Jokers would take the early advantage at the 14:33 mark when Chris Barber rifled one past Cracknell from the circle right, unassisted.  At the 13min left mark, Falcons Everett Cormack would head to the bench for an interference penalty, but the Jokers were unable to use the player advantage to score.  With 11mins to go Max Leong would find himself mashed against the boards at the Falcons bench and then his team mates would come in to lend assistance a skirmish resulted.  Falcons Darren Stockburger and Jokers Dylan Klose had a 2min breather for roughing.  Shots on goal for the 1st period – Falcons 11, Jokers 9.

The 2nd period saw an early penalty to Falcons Sean Kennedy for interference, but the Jokers were unable to score.  Then then they did, twice to take a 3-goal advantage!  The first goal came through Luke Burford with the assist to Klose, and the second goal from Will Morphett with an assist from Josh Greeneklee.  Shots on goal for the 2nd period – Jokers 12, Falcons 6.

The 3rd period saw two early penalties for interference to Falcons Kennedy again, and Jokers Thomas Alexander, with the teams playing 4-on-4 for 2mins.  At the 11min mark Jokers Anthony Pribanic would add another to their scoreline to take a dominant 4 goal lead.  However, while sprawled on the ground in front of the Jokers goal mouth with Jokers goaltender Seth Anspach frantically scrambling at ground level trying to get the puck, Falcons Christian Murdoch managed to flick the puck past him for a goal to stop the shutout.  Jokers Chris Barber would fall foul of the referee put sticking his butt out (officially called for “clipping”) with 8mins to go, and then for body checking at 2:45 left in the game, although it looked like they were both hip checking each other!  The Falcons were unable to score on both occasions.  Shots on goal for the last period – 8 a piece.