2018 Walky 100 Rally – Eudunda

Photos from the 2018 Walky 100, based this year at Eudunda Oval.  Away from its traditional HQ at Robertstown, the South Australian Rally Championship rally (round 3) incorporated some of the existing ‘southern’ rally stages and added 4 new stages to the south of Eudunda, except it was down  to 3 before the event started after the southern most one ‘Frankton’ was deemed too wet with creeks running along each side of the council roads.  Uncharacteristically the famous Roast stage and Julia stage would be run early in the daylight for a change.  The weather was disgusting, comprising very strong winds up on the Roast ridge, hail, rain to make this one of the most difficult rallies in recent times.  Declan Dwyer, having won 3 previous Walky 100s would be the one to beat and regulars Zyane Admiraal, Aaron Bowering, Peter Schey and Matt Selley were up for challenge.  True to form, Dwyer would dominate, but was not expecting the challenge he would face from Zayne Admiraal who threw his Subaru at every corner hard and used every bit of the road in his hunt to sit atop the podium and knock off Dwyer.  In the end a handful of seconds separated them, but Admiraal had to concede to Dwyer after having to wear a 40sec penalty.