2/10/2021 A Grade Grand Final game 2 – Blackhawks v Tigers 0-5

Photos from the A grade ice hockey Grand Final game 2 (in the best of 3 series) between long time rivals the Blackhawks and the Tigers played on 2/10/2021 at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia.  After dominating the first game by the tune of 4-0, the Tigers were looking to wrap up the series, whereas the Blackhawks were looking to take the series to game 3 and atone for their game 1 appearance.  In goals for the Blackhawks was big Sam Poole and for the Tigers was Sam O’Neill (equally big!).  The period began evenly until the Tigers got pinged for too many players on the ice less than 5mins into the game.  The Blackhawks however were not able to grab this early opportunity and this wasn’t helped when less than a minute later, veteran Mike Gainer headed to the bench for a hooking minor.  Both teams were able to thwart any attempts to go ahead and there was plenty of aggression and checks.  Eventually with 5:53 remaining in the period it was the Tigers that would score first as Ryan O’Handley combined with Connor Oxlad.  Then Tigers Reece Boundy caused an interference and the Blackhawks found themselves with a chance to equalise, but the Tigers scored shorthanded instead.  Goal scorer was Jeremy Klein after an assist from the hard charging Oliver Martin.  Things were already looking ominous as the Tigers dominated the shots on goal 14-7.  Although it didn’t show it, the Blackhawks had stepped up from the previous game.

An early tripping minor to Blackhawks Caleb Staehr gave the Tigers a big chance of putting the game beyond reach of the Blackhawks but they managed to see off the penalty.  Boundy’s rough play earnt himself another 2min rest (for interference again) but again the Tigers managed to score shorthanded, this time through Oxlad, unassisted, after an error by the Blackhawks defence.  Then Tigers Tim Reeves decided it was time to get on the scoresheet somehow, but it wasn’t in the scoring column, instead for a high stick with 5:41 remaining in the period.  This would be followed up with one minute left on the clock with a hooking minor to Reeves, but not before the Tigers had posted their 4th goal of the game and running away with the game and the grand final series.  The goal was scored by Stu Henly, assisted by Devan Seamans and Drew Maltby.  Shots on goal were more even at 9-8, in favour of the Tigers.

It was time for aggression and the penalties flowed….Firstly, Blackhawks Joel Osborne went for slashing (16:32), then team mate Matthew Lothian for a body check (14:53) but the penalty kill units were able to see off the challenges.  A sloppy line change saw the Blackhawks with too many players on the ice at the 12:07 mark but again the penalty was seen off without the Tigers scoring.  Tigers Jeff Fode, didn’t take too kindly to Blackhawks Mark Page and both were given a 2min break for roughing.  At the 8:47 minute mark, Tigers Ryan O’Handley took a 2 minute break for slashing, giving the Blackhawks a chance to get the big goose egg off the scoreboard, but as had been the case twice already, the Tigers burst through for another shorthanded goal, this time teh goal scored by Klein with an assist from Martin.  Blackhawks Gainer’s tripping penalty (7:08) and Tigers Seamans’s Interference penalty (6:11) didn’t result in a change to the score.  Then with 2mins left in the game (and the season) all hell broke loose as Tigers Reece Boundy who had been roughing up his Blackhawks opponents for most of the game decided the crowd needed a good old stoush and dropped the gloves to challenge Blackhawks Matthew Lothian.  Lothian shrugged his shoulders and decided “why not” and plenty of punches were traded.  Both players hit the ice and the officials rushed in to intervene, but not after both players had received cuts above the eyes and spilt blood on the ice.  Boundy received 2mins for roughing, 2mins for fighting and a match penalty.  Lothian received the latter two matching penalties.  The Blackhawks changed their goal tender to Cooper Davidson-Peacock and the score remained at 5-0, with the dominant Tigers adding another trophy to their list of recent wins.  Shots on goal for the game saw Blackhawks Sam Poole/Cooper Davidson-Peacock facing 32 shots, to Tigers Sam O’Neill facing 21.