10/06/2023 AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline v Central Coast Rhinos 3-6

Selected photos from the Australian Ice Hockey League game between Adelaide Adrenaline and Central Coast Rhinos played at the Ice Arena, Adelaide, South Australia on 10/06/2023.  The Adrenaline cut two of their imports, Andrew Hamilton and Kevin Yu and brought in three new ones, Coy Provost, Brett Radford and Connor Vermeulen.  The Central Coast Rhinos boasted two Swedish imports as well as a gaggle of Wardlaw boys (3 in fact, including Xander who has played in the NHSL in Adelaide so was used to the Adelaide ice).  The Adrenaline were looking for a change in fortunes after struggling to post wins against the rest of the ladder.  The Rhinos sat below them on the ladder and therefore presented an opportunity, the Rhinos would of course have other ideas and looked to better the Adrenaline to get themselves off the bottom of the ladder.

The scoring would open through Adrenaline’s Noah Maley at 18:20, teaming up with Radford and Ben Handberg.  It took the Rhinos exactly 4mins to find an equaliser.  The goal was scored by Swedish import Joakim Erdugan.  The solitary assist came from Robert Malloy (on loan from the Newcastle Northstars).  The Adrenaline would have the player advantage at 12:44 as Rhinos Dashel Quartarolo went to the box for hooking.  The Adrenaline were unable to score.  Shortly after the penalty expired Erdugan would post the Rhinos 2nd goal.  The assists came from Alexander Wardlaw and Swedish import Albin Torstensson.  A boarding penalty to Erdugan at 7:18 yielded no goal for the Adrenaline.  Then with a second remaining Alexander Wardlaw would give the Adrenaline another opportunity starting the 2nd period with the powerplay.  Shots on goal were Adrenaline’s Jeremy Friederich facing 17, to Rhinos Andrew Masters (import goaltender last playing for Francais Volants Paris in France3 league) facing 10.

The penalty was seen off with no change to the scoreboard.  Then the Adrenaline were in a whole heap of trouble as two of their players headed to the sin bin (Steve Best for roughing at 17:48 and Provost for slashing at 16:55) and then Adrenaline’s Andrew Chen fell foul of the referees for high-sticking at 15:29, all in short succession giving the Rhinos a big advantage.  Erdugan made short work of it and put the Rhinos 2 goals up with his hat trick goal at 15:14.  The assist came from Torstensson and Malloy.  Erdugan would however hand the advantage back to the Adrenaline when he headed to the sin bin for tripping at 10:57.  Adrenaline’s Nathaniel Benson found the back of the net at 10:23, after assists from imports Prevost and Radford.  The referees whistles would get a workout in the last 10mins of the period.  Adrenaline’s Morris O’Handley and Rhinos Callum Wardlaw for roughing at 9:27, Adrenaline’s Zach Boyle for hooking 7:33 and Rhinos Hunter Johnson for tripping at 2:57.  The score would remain at 3-2 in favour of the visitors.  Shots on goal for the period saw Friederich face 13, to Masters 12.

Rhinos Erdugan wasn’t done yet, and would post his 4th goal only seconds into the 3rd period, with an assist from Malloy again.